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#FlipPhoneYear Week 3

I almost died ... but not from missing my smartphone.

My brother Holden's Snapchat post

Week 3 was tough, but not for the reasons you'd expect.

On January 29, I almost died.

After I had dinner, I went for a run at the high school track. After a 45-minute workout, we stopped to get gas ... and that's when I realized I couldn't breathe. My eyes swelled up, I started gasping for air, and we had to call 911. They said I was having an allergic reaction to something, my airways were closing, and they had to give me an EpiPen shot, oxygen, and steroids before I went to the hospital in an ambulance.

When I got to the hospital and was stabilized, I really wanted to put something up on social media so my friends would know what's going on. So I asked my brother to post something on Snapchat instead. My mom put it on Facebook, too, but this was a time I really missed my phone. I was going through something truly scary, and I wanted people to know so I'd feel less alone.

I was at the hospital until 3AM ... and the next morning, I was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on his radio show about my #FlipPhoneYear. I will put audio up soon, but it was a great experience, and he was super nice and really supportive about me giving up my iPhone for a flip phone. He also said he hopes more people would do the same thing. That was really cool!

I could sit here and tell you that being without my phone is ALL great, but I want to be honest about my highs and lows. It's still hard, but I have to admit the good is outweighing the bad. I'm less depressed and am talking to new people. Sometimes it feels weird at first, without my phone as my "security blanket," but I like that I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have a feeling that's where the good stuff happens.