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"A Letter to My Daughter's Bullies" by my mom

Updated: Feb 9, 2018

If you want a general idea of my mom's POV every day for the past 4 years, then read this ... because it sums up her feelings and mine beautifully. I love you, Mom.

Kindergarten graduation (full of hope and optimism) vs. 8th grade graduation (beaten down but still standing)

2015 • A letter to my daughter’s bullies:

I have taught my daughter that the world is a wonderful place, and I have raised her to be a sweet, loving person for the past 12 years. But your monstrous actions have stolen my daughter’s happiness and joy. For the last three years, on a daily basis, you have tormented her, laughed at her, run away from her. You have fought with other students over an empty seat just so you don’t have to sit by her. You have stalked and harassed her. You have told her to stick a firework up her ass, light it, and die. You and your friends have gone on her Instagram page and written “go kill urself” on her photos. That time, I called the police. And I called your parents, but they told me it was just “girls being silly.” When I made them put you on the phone, you told me you were only joking and asked “why I was taking it this far.” You have flipped her off. You have excluded her from birthday parties. You have spread rumors about her. You have called her stupid. You have called her a bitch. You have told her she is worthless. You have made her feel like she’s worthless. You have asked her out in front of the entire class, and then told everyone you were only joking and that she’s "too ugly" to get a boyfriend. You have asked her if she was born on the highway because that’s where all accidents happen. You have done all this in the halls plastered with anti-bullying signs. You know that she will never tell anyone because if she does she will get it even worse. Then she will be a snitch and a tattle-tale. You have put her in therapy. You have put us in debt. You have made us wonder why the world is such an incredibly cruel and awful place. You have made her sit in the principal’s office during lunch to get away from you while you roamed free. You have made us turn to clueless school officials who have callously told us she just “ignore” the bullies and “this is a good thing this is happening to her, because if she ever has an abusive boyfriend later in life, she’ll know what to do.” (She was 10.) You have pushed her to her breaking point. You’ve broken her heart. You’ve broken her spirit. You don’t freaking care. You’ve made her tell her dad “my mind is telling me to jump out a window” and “I just want take bottles of pills and never wake up.” You’ve made her mind tell herself that because she can’t handle your torment and she wants a way out. You have made me worry daily that she will kill herself to get away from you. You have made me transfer her out of her school mid-year, only to find new bullies at the next place. You have made me pull my daughter out of summer camp because you threatened to “kill her on live TV” before going to a televised WNBA game. But you weren’t ever disciplined for that … even after I told camp officials. You have taken group photos with her, gone around and made everyone delete them, then taken them again without her. You have made me want to homeschool her just to get away from you. You have made me wish I could move far, far away from here. You have shown my daughter the world is a very ugly place. And I freaking hate you for that.